Why Us

  • Why should you consider us for your investing and insurance needs?

    • When professional help is needed, we’re a valuable resource!  We work with estate trust attorneys, tax specialists, and long-term health care professionals.
    • We work with individuals of all ages, as well as with businesses
    • We participate in annual continuing education in many financial and insurance investments to keep updated on latest regulatory and product changes.
    • We help clients create, implement and update personal financial plans.
    • Through our annual portfolio review meeting, we can help you create and protect your wealth!
    • Keeping abreast of new products and opportunities enhances our value to you.

    We help investors make informed decisions!

    We genuinely care about people and take our responsibility to always do what is best for our clients very seriously.

    What our clients say.

    The following may not be representative of all client experience and are no guarantee of future performance or success.

    I just wanted to tell you that your recommendation to sell some mutual stock to offset the Wells Fargo capital gain was great advice. When I checked with our accountant, whom we’ve had for 20 years, he said you really know what you are doing. He was impressed with your suggestion.

    But that is how you are, knowledgeable and perfect in everything you do. You really know the needs of your clients. You explain things so that even my husband and I can understand the complicated things in this investment world. Another thing that amazes us is that you are always positive, even when things look bad.

    Thank you for what you do. Feel free to show this letter to any potential investors. I think all of your clients probably feel the same way as we do about your work.

    Adrianne R.Pleasant Hill, CA

    Mary Trexel of Trexel & Associates Investments & Insurance has been my investment account executive for several years.

    She is very knowledgeable in her field, conscientious, highly motivated and trustworthy. Mary has guided me wisely in investments particularly during the recent turbulent economic times. Her explanations are clear and concise and her follow-through is exemplary. She has a friendly and warm personality leading to a pleasant working relationship.

    I recommend Mary without any hesitation for investment and insurance portfolios.

    Veronica M.Hayward, CA

    Thank you for the wonderful service you have given the A____ family for more than ten years.

    We became acquainted with you when John decided to put a lump sum retirement account with SIFE in your care. We were so impressed with the respect afforded us that we asked you to open several accounts for our grandchildren. Even though these accounts were small, you treated them as though they were very important. Through the years you have always answered all our questions and attended to our accounts as though we were huge investors, even though we were not.

    During the past year we felt the need to review all of our insurance policies and investments. We decided you were the person we trusted most to help us. When I called you and told you of our need you did not hesitate to help us with the task of evaluating our finances and seriously discussing all our options and needs. You first insisted we update our Medical Power of Attorneys and Wills and set up a Family Trust. You assessed all of our investments and made sure they were well positioned in the current markets. You evaluated our current insurance policies, pointed out those that no longer met our needs, and in general simplified our family finances. Your advice has been much appreciated. You have always demonstrated a personal interest and an understanding of the problems we face as individuals in this fast paced society.

    Sarah and Ann join us in thanking you for your continued dependable advice and service.

    John & Edith A.San Francisco, CA

    I, Ed T____, have had a financial relationship with Mary Trexel for over 18 years. I find her to be honest, trustworthy and a very dedicated individual. Her judgement has always been sound, and she maintains a true direction that is very positive.

    Mary was also very helpful when problems arose with other investment firms, which I have since moved into the Trexel care.

    I would recommend Mary Trexel highly to anyone interested in investing in their financial future.

    Very Truly,

    Ed T.Livermore, CA

    Thank you for your kind assistance in sending me the forms required for ownership of the investments left me by my late husband.

    I am writing you this as a testimonial to the stress and problem of filling out the multitude of forms required when a person is the primary beneficiary of investments and to request that your company offer a service to its clients to help them.

    It was six weeks before I could even think about tackling the job of looking at the many forms required by each company. When I did look at them, I found them very confusing. I did not know whose name to put on which form. I had to call each company and get a person to help me fill out the forms and to assure me that I had done it correctly. I spent time two different days on the phone talking to representatives. They could not give me all the answers and I had to phone my tax consultant and also you, Mary, for additional advice. Some of the companies were more helpful than others. Often I had to call them several times, as additional questions came up and I would always get a different person the next time I called. This required a story review before I could ask my question. All the companies required one or two signature guarantees which I obtained at my bank. Other time-consuming jobs were making copies for both your and my files, and the trip to the post office. All in all I spent most of a week on this task and will still have to do follow up calls to each company to make sure that no mistakes have been made.

    Very frankly, if you offered a service to do this I would have looked at the cost, thought about the stress that I was in right after my husband died, the stress I felt in having to do the task, the amount of time, the worry about doing it correctly, and opted to have you do it.

    Thank you, Mary, for all the patient help and consideration you have given me during the past two years while I have been going through John’s illness and death. I would not have been able to know what to do without it.


    Edith A.San Francisco, CA