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What We Can Do for You

We help clients build and protect wealth with knowledge, experience and professional resources.  As an investment and insurance advisor, we track top quality, well established products that will meet your future retirement objectives. Working with you, your tax person, and a living trust attorney, we can help with getting your financial house in order.
  • Retirement Income

    New Accounts & Transfers

    • Deductible/Non-Deductible Traditional or Roth IRAs
    • SEP IRAs
    • 403(b) and Rollovers
    • Roth 401(k) set ups and rollovers
    • Pension and Profit Sharing Rollovers
    • Personal/Single K Plans
    • Consolidation of Accounts
    • Social Security Information
  • Insurance & Annuities

    • Whole Life, Variable (VUL) or Term Life
    • Fixed or variable annuities Single Premium Immediate Annuties (SPIA)
    • Long-Term Care & Hybrid Products
    • Medicare Information
  • Savings

    Long-Term & Short-Term

    • Non-IRA Accounts (with or without tax deferment)
      ✓ For Income
      ✓  For Growth
      ✓  Money Markets
    • Alternative Investments (low minimums)
  • Education

    • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (CESA)
    • 529 Plans/College Bound Funds
  • Gifting

    • UTMA/UGMA/CUTMAs (Gifts to Minors)
    • Charitable Gifting
  • We guide you to create and manage your wealth.